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R55990-VN Rocket SURETY® NPSA Spinal Manometer Set

Produced in partnership with the manufacturers of BD UniVia® and SURETY® Neuraxial Connectors, Rocket Medical have developed a range of Spinal Manometer sets and Lumbar Puncture Procedure Pack specifically designed to meet the improved safety requirements of the NPSA Alert: Safer Spinal (intrathecal) epidural and regional devices. Parts A & B. (as amended). 




SKU: R55990-VN

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Product Description


  • NOT compatible with LUER LOCK fittings.
  • REDUCES RISK: Combining all the necessary compatible components into a single kit significantly reduces the risk of mismatch or accidental connection to non-approved systems.
  • CLEAR, STURDY CLEAR CONSTRUCTION for reliable, secure assembly and ease of use. Ready for immediate use for when time is precious.
  • TWO PART MAMOMETER ASSEMBLY with extension allows CSF pressure monitoring between 3-55cmH20. Supplied with 3 way stopcock for attachment to a BD UniVia® or SURETY® compatible NPSA compliant spinal needle and syringe.
  • ALSO AVAILABLE IN A COMPREHENSIVE KIT: designed to contain the most commonly required items for fast, reliable lumbar puncture, CSF Pressure Measurement and CSF Sampling in the department or ward setting. (SURETY® only)

1 x SURETY® compatible 30cm Spinal Manometer Set

1 x SURETY® compatible 22G x 9cm Qunike spinal needle
1 x 10ml SURETY® compatible syringe
5 x 10cm x 10cm gauze swabs
1 x 60ml gallipot
1 x 8” skin prep sponge stick

1 x fenestrated drape
1 x square drape 1m2

3 x 30ml Universal Containers with labels
1 x 20ml Syringe luer lock
1 x Microlance 21G /1.5" green needle  (luer)
1 x Microlance 25G/5/8"  yellow needle (luer)


Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R55990-VN
Supplied Sterile Yes
Sharps Safe? Yes
Compatible Blood Gas Analysers N/A
Glass Hep Tubes No
Capillary tube type No
Capillary tube volume No
Heparin Concentration in IU/ml No
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Units per carton 10
Unit GTIN No
NHSSC Order Code FTP135
CH2 use only No
USL use only No
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Video No