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Rocket Medical knows that home is where you need to be...

We have over 10 years of experience developing and supporting products that allow patients to manage their condition in the comfort of their own home; including:


• Indwelling catheters for managing recurrent pleural effusions and abdominal ascites


• Pleural Vent and Ambulatory Chest Drainage Systems for managing pneumothoracies


We have continually improved how hospitals, community nurses and ultimately patients are supported with Rocket products. We have taken all of our existing experience and further enhanced it with the launch of the Rockethomecare portal.

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Click to here to arrange access to the Rockethomecare portal


What is it?

The Rockethomecare portal is a secure, quick and auditable* web based site which hospitals can access to notify Rocket Medical of a patient who has had / is having an indwelling catheter, ambulatory bag or pleural vent.


Benefits of the Rockethomecare portal:


• Time to discharge is reduced and so hospital beds can be freed up more quickly!


• Enhanced communication between the discharging hospital and Rocket Medical to organise training, to ensure proper and timely set up and delivery of product training to community nurses.


• Increased hospital visibility of the training status of each community nursing team. Hospitals can now have 100% confidence that the community nursing team is ready to support the patient. Patient’s quality of life is improved!


• Ensuring robust community nurse training, prior to patient discharge, gives patients more confidence in their care at home and removes unnecessary anxiety.


• Minimising delay in patients receiving necessary products via FP10 prescription further reducing any concern about being unable to manage their condition at home. Enhanced security, traceability and patient data protection!


• Enhanced security, traceability and patient data protection is built into the system as standard.


Enhanced Patient Data Security:

• Access to the portal is password protected.


• All patient data is encrypted and stored on a secure server in accordance with GDPR compliance. Patient data is anonymised and transferred to an audit tool every 12 months (although it can be deleted at any time).


• All information is auditable by each hospital, for example, time to discharge, patient demographics, indications for use…etc.


If you would like to know more about or use Rockethomecare:
Please email: Homecare
or Call 0191 419 6949
The Rockethomecare helpline is open
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4pm.


The Rockethomecare helpline:

What is it?

• Our helpline is a dedicated landline number for hospitals, community based nurses and importantly patients to be able to access in the day, with questions about a product.


• Our fully trained team can answer clinical questions (in line with our instructions for use), technical product questions and ordering questions.


• Our aim is to give our customers quicker access to questions they may have.


Our community training commitment:

• Face to face product training for patients, community nursing teams, hospices and care home (Skype training may be offered for remote sites). Face to face training is automatically offered if no training has been received for 6 months or more. Note - If a team has received training within 6 months, we offer refreshers in the form of step-by-step training videos.


Key performance indicators:

• We aim to deliver training within 48 hours of receiving a community training request from a hospital. This is regularly monitored to ensure the best level of service. Note: Training delivery can be subject to factors out of our control, i.e. receiving a training request form after 5pm on a Friday or bank holiday weekend and liaising with single point of access numbers requiring their call back.



• Our homecare products are available via FP10 prescription; NHS supply chain or direct from Rocket Medical.


• We work hard to ensure that patients are always supplied with product. Our clinical sales specialists carry emergency stocks and can deliver to a patient in need if required.



• We aim to provide patients and their care teams the ongoing support that they require in the community. We want to ensure a patients has the best experience possible with a Rocket Medical product.


• Our Rockethomecare helpline and field based clinical sales specialists are on hand to answer any queries you may have or deliver any refresher training.


Who are our team?

Rocket homecare helpline team:


Linzi Whitelock ( or Call: 0191 419 6949)


Rocket Clinical Sales Specialists:


Scotland – Donald Cunningham ( or +44 7816 670930)


Ireland & NI – Keith Conway ( or +353 87 783 7303)


NW England & N Wales – Aaron Luckett ( or +44 7976 426207)


NE England – Karl Birch ( or +44 7973 225057)


Midlands – Jay Patel ( or +44 7971 541318)


S Wales & South West England – Karen Humphreys ( or +44 7565 693199)


Thames Valley & NW London – Helen Fenlon ( or +44 7976 733958)


SE England & S London – Desiree Swanepoel ( or +44 7968 191501)


East Anglia & NE London – Lousie Mears ( or +44 7973 759702)


*Rocket homecare is hosted on a Microsoft Azure server, which is also used by the NHS and American government due to its level of security. Access is password protected. Rocket homecare complies with GDPR regulations; any patient information is used for a legitimate interest of setting up and delivering product training. Information is only held for a set period of time and is then anonymised and sent to an audit database.