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Rocket Homecare Portal 

The Rocket Homecare portal is a secure, quick and auditable* online platform which Hospitals can access to notify Rocket Medical of a patient who has had / is having an indwelling catheter.


Benefits of the Rocket Homecare portal:


  • Streamlined discharged process - hospital beds freed up quicker

  • Enhanced collaboration between the Hospital, the Rocket Homecare Team and community-based healthcare teams.

  • Facilitates organising and delivering timely product training, and helping to identify the correct pathway for ordering ongoing drainage supplies.

  • Increased hospital visibility of the training status of each community nursing team. Hospitals can now have 100% confidence that the community nursing team is ready to support the patient. Patient’s quality of life is improved!

  • Ensuring robust community nurse training, prior to patient discharge, gives patients more confidence in their care at home and removes unnecessary anxiety.

  • The Homecare portal is a fully integrated platform that includes; a novel patient monitoring system, which provides information regarding patient drainage and clinical status.  These results are displayed on a dashboard providing clinicians a single shared view of their patient’s information.

  • Minimising delay in patients receiving necessary products via FP10 prescription further reducing any concern about being unable to manage their condition at home. and patient data protection!

  • Enhanced security, traceability; access to the portal is password protected.

  • All patient data is encrypted and stored on a secure server in accordance with GDPR compliance.

  • Our helpline is a dedicated landline number for hospitals, community based nurses and importantly patients.

  • We aim to deliver training to product training for patients, community nursing teams, hospices and care home within 48 hours of receiving a community training request from a hospital. 


  • Our Homecare products are available via FP10 prescription; NHS supply chain or direct from Rocket Medical.

  • We work hard to ensure that patients are always supplied with product. Our clinical sales specialists carry emergency stocks and can deliver to a patient in need if required.


  • We aim to provide patients and their care teams the ongoing support that they require in the community. We want to ensure a patients has the best experience possible with a Rocket Medical product.


For more information contact our Homecare Support Team:

on 0191 419 6949 or email: Homecare

Open: Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4pm


*Rocket Homecare is hosted on a Microsoft Azure server, which is also used by the NHS and American government due to its level of security. Access is password protected. Rocket Homecare complies with GDPR regulations; any patient information is used for a legitimate interest of setting up and delivering product training. Information is only held for a set period of time and is then anonymised and sent to an audit database.