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Rocket URIKONE Urine Specimen Collection

Rocket URIKONE Urine Specimen Collection

Carton: 50 units, sterile, individually wrapped, single use.

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SKU: R53100-GRP

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Product Name Price Qty
R53100 Rocket URIKONE Urine Specimen Pack + prep wipe
R53102 Rocket URIKONE Urine Specimen Pack without prep wipe

Product Description


The Rocket URIKONE® offers cost effective, ready to use urine collection in two styles to meet the widest range of patient needs.

URIKONE® offers a simple, traditional cone design ideal for male urine collection

 Both designs feature:

  • UNIVERSAL CONTAINER, used as standard by most laboratory services, makes urine collection easy and cost effective.
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED: simple and ready to use, suitable for either male or female.
  • INCLUDES AQUEOUS PRE WIPE for easy, rapid cleansing of the genital area prior to sampling.
  • PAEDIATRIC & NEONATAL USE: Both Uripot® and Urikone® are suitable for paediatric and neonatal collection when used under nursing or parental supervision to ensure adequate sample collection and child safety.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R53100-GRP
Units per carton 50
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom