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R55995-NRFIT Lumbar Puncture Tray with NRFit® Spinal Manometer

R55995-NRFIT Lumbar Puncture Tray with NRFit® Spinal Manometer

Rocket Medical Spinal Manometers and Lumbar Puncture Trays have been providing safe, reliable and cost-effective CSF pressure measurement for over 30 years. The unique ‘stackable’ design, original to Rocket Medical, has become a standard neurological diagnostic tool and can be found in Emergency Departments, Neurological, Medical Wards and specialist Neurosurgery centres throughout the world. This original Rocket Medical design is now available with NRFit® connectors. 

  • 1 x NRFit® 40cm H2O, stackable spinal manometer (Rocket Medical Plc.)
  • 1 x 10ml NRFit® slip syringe (GBUK Healthcare)
  • 5 x 10cm x 10cm gauze swabs (Premier Healthcare and Hygiene)
  • 1 x 60mL pot (Cups Direct)
  • 1 x Skin prep sponge stick (Promepla SA)
  • 1 x 2-piece fenestrated drape (Medline Industries Ltd.)
  • 1 x square drape 60 x 60 cm (O&M Halyard UK Limited)
  • 3 x 30mL Universal Containers with labels (Rocket Medical plc.)
  • 1 x 20mL luer lock syringe (BD)
  • 1 x Microlance 21G /1.5" green needle (luer) (BD)
  • 1 x Surguard 2 25G/38mm orange needle (luer) (Terumo)

Carton: 5 units

Datasheet: pdf

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Product Description


  • CONVENIENT: Combines the necessary* components for lumbar puncture into a single kit so that they are at hand when you need them.

 *As needle choice is an important consideration for clinicians, a spinal needle is not included in the kit; this provides users with the flexibility to use an NRFit® needle of their choice.

  • ENHANCED SAFETY: The manometer features NRFit® connections. These connections feature on devices used for the administration of fluids to neuraxial systems or in regional anaesthesia. NRFit® connections are incompatible with luer devices, which prevents the accidental misconnection of devices used for theadministration of fluids intended for other bodily systems.
  • STURDY, CLEAR CONSTRUCTION for reliable, secure assembly and ease of use.
  • TWO-PART MANOMETER ASSEMBLY allows CSF pressure monitoring between 3 - 40cm H2O. Supplied with an attached 3-way stopcock, for connection to the NRFit® syringe included in the kit, and an NRFit® spinal needle of your choice.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R55995-NRFIT
Supplied Sterile Yes
Sharps Safe? Yes
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Units per carton 5
NHSSC Order Code N/A
CH2 use only 2561477
USL use only N/A
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom