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Hegenberger Retractor

Transforming Postpartum Suturing

The Hegenberger Retractor is a unique, innovative and award-winning device, which transforms postpartum suturing by providing a clear view of the vaginal walls and perineum, improving outcomes for women with postpartum tears.

The Hegenberger Retractor is the first midwife-led innovation in this field of obstetric practice for over 150 years.

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Product Description


There are many benefits to using the Hegenberger Retractor:

Clinician: Patient:
  • Correct positioning of the patient & placement of the Hegenberger Retractor gives a much improved view of the vagina and anus

  • Decreased pain during the suturing procedure

  • Improved inspection allows correct diagnosis of degree of tear

  • Reduces time required to suture which minimises disruption in the first hours between mum and newborn

  • Allows a more comfortable suturing position 
  • Tears are correctly diagnosed and repaired so avoids life long consequences of a misdiagnosis and poor/inappropriate repair

  • Reduces the risk of needlestick injury

  • Reduces the need for an assistant to manually retract the genitalia

  • Improves learning situations for student / less experienced midwives and medical staff 

  • Allows best practice suturing technique using correct instruments 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code A1390
Country of Manufacture Sweden