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R57616-16-00 Rocket 16G OHSS Set

R57616-16-00 Rocket 16G OHSS Set

Carton: 1 set, sterile for single use

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SKU: R57616-16-00

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Product Description


Rocket OHSS Aspiration Sets offer a fast, reliable solution for draining ovarian cysts and for the treatment of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome in the office setting.

  • HIGH RESOLUTION 16G x 35cm echogenic needle prepared to give smoother, easier tissue penetration with clear ultrasound definition.
  • HIGH VACUUM ASPIRATION BOTTLES designed for connection to Rocket Craft™ Suction Pumps delivering up to 400mmHg for ease of use in the office or clinic setting. Each pack contains either 2 x 250 bottles or 1 x 1000ml to minimize operating time.
  • HIGH ASPIRATION RATES: Rocket OHSS sets typically deliver up to 190ml/min @ 400mmHg giving rapid, controlled fluid aspiration.
  • SOFT, KINK FREE TUBING SET dramatically improves ease of handling and eliminates the kinking problems common to rigid FEP tubing.
  • STERILE -  Individually pouch packed, intended for one time use.


16g x 35cm needle 15° background bevel with echogenic surface.
Supplied with 2 x 250ml or 1 x 1000ml vacuum collection bottles and 700mm connection set.
Suitable for use with all Rocket® Craft™ Suction Pumps delivering 400mmHg.

 Not for direct connection hospital suction systems.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R57616-16-00
Length: cm's 35
Needle size G 16
Echogenic Yes
Supplied Sterile Yes
MEA/LAL tested No
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Sharps Safe? No
Units per carton 1
Unit GTIN 05055270914453
NHSSC Order Code N/A
CH2 use only No
USL use only No
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom