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Rocket Hysterocone™ HSG & Sonohystogram Cannula

The Rocket Hysterocone™ Cannula is a new concept combining the features of traditional cone and HSG catheters into a simple to use, comfortable and cost effective method of performing uterine canalisation for hysterosalpingography and hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography.

Carton: 10 units

Datasheet: pdf

SKU: R57430-CONE

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Product Description


The Rocket Hysterocone™ Cannula has these new features:

  • MOVEABLE SILICONE CONE ensures a soft, trauma free seal at the external os.
  • 1cm GRADUATIONS on the distal 7cm to allow cone to be accurately positioned to match each patient’s needs.
  • SMOOTH TIP & 6FG TUBE ensures simple, low trauma insertion, ideal for the nulliparous cervix.
  • REMOVABLE HOLLOW STIFFENING TUBE to aid insertion in and maintain rigidity during contrast injection.
  • CONTRAST PATH TAP ensures retention of contrast when further volumes of media are required.
  • COMPATIBLE with all aqueous contrast media.

Rocket  Hysterocone™ HSG & Sonohystogram Cannula
Active length 280mm, with 13mm cone, removable hollow stiffener tube, contrast path tap, sterile, for single use, peel pouch & tray packed in cartons of 10 cannula.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R57430-CONE
Length: cm's 28
Size - FG 6
Supplied Sterile Yes
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Sharps Safe? Yes
Units per carton 10
NHSSC Order Code N/A
CH2 use only 2376491
USL use only 857430-CONE
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom