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Embryon® IUI Catheters

Rocket Medical Embryon® IUI  Catheters

Carton: 25 units, sterile for single use.


DUO IUI: pdf

SKU: R57622, R57625 and R57625-00-23
Product Name Price Qty
R57625 Embryon® DUO™ IUI Catheter 18cm Contact Customer Services on
+44 (0) 191 419 6988
R57625-00-23 Embryon® DUO™ IUI Catheter 23cm Contact Customer Services on
+44 (0) 191 419 6988

Product Description


Rocket Medical Embryon® DUO™ IUI Catheters are the latest generation of two-part insemination catheters designed to improve ease of insertion and minimise uterine trauma.

  • TWO-PART CONSTRUCTION IUI CATHETER with smooth outer sheath with high memory characteristics ensures ease of insertion, particularly in those patients where access to the external os is difficult.
  • SOFT INNER IUI with fully domed distal tip and side eyes for optimum insemination.
  • COMPETITIVELY PRICED to provide excellent value in routine IUI.
  • STERILE - Packed in peel pouches, 25 per carton, intended for single use.

(a) Inner Transfer Catheter: Polyurethane OD: 1.4 mm, ID: 0.9 mm, fully domed, dual side eye.
(b) Outer Sheath: HDPE,  5 x 1cm marking from distal tip.
(c) Inner Catheter volume: 18cm: 0.5ml. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R57622, R57625 and R57625-00-23
Length: cm 18 or 23
Inner Catheter type No
Diameter (mm) 1.4
Units per carton 25
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom