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R57032 Rocket CVS Chorionic Sampling Needle Chelsea Pattern 18G/20G

R57032 Rocket CVS Chorionic Sampling Needle Chelsea Pattern 18G/20G

Carton: 10 sets, sterile for single use

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Product Description


Rocket CVS Chorionic Sampling Needle Chelsea Pattern 18G/20G

Rocket Medical offer the well-established Chelsea & Westminster pattern CVS Needle which includes single and twin sampling functions in the same cost effective needle set.

  • THREE PART NEEDLE SET comprising an outer needle with long bevel complete with stylet and an inner cannula needle with blunt distal end to permit secondary sampling.  The set is complete with 1cm markings to indicate relative positions of the components
  • HIGH RESOLUTION ECHO BEVEL DESIGN to give smoother, easier tissue penetration with pinpoint ultrasound definition of the needle tip in either amniocentesis and CVS.
  • NEEDLE MARKINGS and depth marker help ensure correct positioning and minimise the risk of over insertion.
  • SECURE LUER LOCK FITTINGS ensure the needle, extension set and syringes remain correctly and securely connected throughout
  • CE MARKED, PURPOSE DESIGNED DEVICE, designed specifically for amniocentesis and transabdominal chorionic villus sampling which avoids the risks of inappropriate use of non-specific generic devices

1. Lilford R.J. Chorion villus biopsy. Arch. Dis. Child. 1985 60:897-899
2. Maxwell D, Lilford R.J et al. Transabdominal chorionic villus sampling. Lancet Jan 18 1986: 123-126

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R57032
Needle size G 18/20
Length: cm's 19
Echogenic Yes
Sharps Safe? No
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Units per carton 10
Supplied Sterile Yes
NHSSC Order Code FTR1457
CH2 use only No
USL use only N/A
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom