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R57630-00-18 Rocket Genesis Embryo Transfer Set 18cm

R57630-00-18: Rocket Genesis Embryo Transfer Set 18cm

Carton: 10 units

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SKU: R57630-00-18

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Product Description


Rocket Medical plc, with substantial investment in new manufacturing technologies and rigid quality control continue to develop and improve the Genesis™ catheter range.

A smooth and consistent catheter tip and outer sheath profile is a vital aid in reducing uterine trauma during embryo transfer.  Excessive uterine stimulation during transfer has been shown to stimulate uterine junctional zone contractions, which are capable of displacing or expelling recently transferred embryos1

  • NEW FINGER GRIP DESIGN: Retains our signature design for determining the depth of insertion of the inner catheter combined with improved balance, comfort and security.
  • ULTRA SOFT INNER CATHETER combined with an ultra-smooth tip profile reduces the risk of junctional zone contraction.1
  • SMOOTH THIN-WALLED OUTER SHEATH DESIGN minimizes cervical trauma. A new material, developed from established polymers retains high memory characteristics despite its small diameter; ideal for those patients where cervical access is difficult.
  • PATENTED FINGER GRIP gives unequalled grip and control whilst ensuring accurate placing of the catheter tip into the uterine cavity.
  • TOXICITY TESTING. Rigorous quality controls ensure that all sensitive materialsare subject to LAL and independent single cell mouse embryo to blastocyst assay (MEA acceptance level: >80%). Batch tested to ensure the highest level of product safety.


1. Lensy P, Killick S.R et al (1998) Embryo transfer - can we learn anything new from observation of junctional zone contractions. Human Reproduction vol. 13, no.6, pp 1540-1546.
2. Craft I, Bernard A, Djahanbakan, Mcleod F (1982) Embryo transfer catheter material. Lancet. March 20, 1982, p680

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R57630-00-18
Length: cm's 18
Inner Catheter type Ultra-soft
Diameter (mm) 1.77
Echogenic No
Supplied Sterile Yes
MEA/LAL tested MEA >80%, pyrogen free
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Sharps Safe? Yes
Units per carton 10
NHSSC Order Code N/A
CH2 use only No
USL use only No
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom