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R54400-16-40 Rocket IPC Pleural & Peritoneal Catheter Insertion Set with plastic tunneller

R54400-16-40 Rocket IPC Pleural & Peritoneal Catheter Insertion Set with plastic tunneller.

Carton: 1 insertion set for single use


SKU: R54400-16-40

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Product Description


The Rocket IPC Pleural & Peritoneal Catheter System is indicated for intermittent, long-term drainage of symptomatic, recurrent pleural effusion or abdominal ascites and other recurrent effusions that do not respond to medical management of underlying disease.

UNIQUE FLOW CONTROL VALVE designed to improve ease of flow control to reduce pain on drainage

UNIQUE CONNECTION SYSTEM designed to make bottle connection simpler and safer.

DESIGNED in the UK: The system has been designed with the co-operation of the UK’s premier respiratory care centres to ensure we have included the key features needed by clinicians and patients.

MANUFACTURED in the UK: means you can be assured of reliability of customer service and clinical support from our Customer Service and Clinical Sales Specialists.

NOW AVAILABLE ON PRESCRIPTION: Your GP or hospital doctor can provide you with a Prescription for both drainage bottles and dressing packs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Order code R54400-16-40
Size - FG 16
Length: cm's 40
Method of Insertion Guidewire
Echogenic Yes
Radiopaque Yes
Supplied Sterile Yes
Units per carton 5
Sharps Safe? No
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
NHSSC Order Code FET1545
CH2 use only 1968432
USL use only 854400-16-40
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom